Divine Energy and Mindset Magic Deep Dive

FOR ONLY $1122

This course is for anyone in any background and is a square one, start here first, life changing, absolute necessity. You struggle because you have self-limiting or negative core beliefs. When you experience struggle, scarcity, suffering, failure, constant doubt, stress caused by trying to live up to expectations that have been created FOR you and not BY you, you operate in a constant state of dysfunction and lack. This is known as the scarcity trap: following the rules and others expectations = success and not following the rules = failure.

That is one of many self-limiting beliefs you destroy in this course. Stop feeling drained, trapped, and caught in a vicious cycle where forward movement is impossible. Step into your power, take control of your life, and redefine your sense of being enough. Learn what inspires you, what you value, what gifts you bring to this world, and how you can change your story from one of struggle to abundance. You have the power of choice. Struggle or abundance, which do you choose?

This seven week course centers around the following topics:

Discovering Your Vessel: High vibrational vs low vibrational energy
Cleaning Your Vessel: Self Limiting Beliefs
Repairing Your Vessel: Shifting Perspectives
What Vessels do you Allow on Your Shelf: Energetics of Our Tribe
You Are Not a Bargain Rack Vessel: Emotions, Ego, & Fear
Polishing Your Vessel: Consciously Shifting Beliefs
Filling Your Vessel: Creating the Life You Want
This course will be delivered in a private Facebook group where you will be able to access live sessions, watch replays, download unit content, and participate in meaningful discussions with your course mates and me.

Live Sessions will occur on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm EST and will last approximately 90 minutes.

All live session replays will be posted in the units section of our group and can be watched any time. You do not need to be present during a live session.

Meet me on Facebook @untameyoursoul

Follow me on Clubhouse and listen to my powerful discussions on energy and mindset @SandraJoyBiz (iPhone or ios users only right now, the android version is coming soon)


Personal One to One Coaching 3 Month Immersive

FOR ONLY $3333

When you need specific insight into one or more areas of your life, confirmation that your steps are the correct ones, or simply want to know what to focus on for your best and highest good, an oracle card reading is for you. You may choose how many cards you would like for your session. I am happy to advise based on our discussion and your intended purpose.

During our session, I will connect with your energy and pull the chosen amount of cards agreed upon. I will share the meaning of each card with you allowing you to make your own connections to the information. During this part of the reading I often receive intuitive information about your specific situation and I will share it at this time. I always read oracle cards for the best and highest good of the person I am reading for.

Walk with me on a deep journey in which we discuss your story, review your personal goals, identify and transmute the energy that’s blocking you from your best life. This supportive experience includes an Energy Reset where I clear and balance your chakras and help keep you aligned for our journey. Together with my Spirit Guide Team, we will develop daily energy work practices attuned to you and create a spiritually/source aligned goals plan.

2 days a week over 3 Months
Deeply review your personal story and goals.
Look at all of your blocks.
Energy Reset: Chakra Clearing & Balancing
Daily energy work practices.
Connecting with your spirit guides.
Develop a spiritually/source aligned plan for your goals.


Individual One to One Coaching Session

1 HOUR $499

Bring your most pressing issue or struggle to me for a one hour deep dive into the energy consciousness surrounding it and a detailed plan (up to one page) in length delivered within 2 days after our session.


Clearing Abundance Blocks: One to One Personal Coaching Package


Abundance blocks happen when we are battling conflicting stories within ourselves. These stories can be societal, telling us we need to be one thing when our heart desires to be something completely different. They could manifest as people pleasing behavior, unrealistic expectations, and more. These conflicts create blocks within our energy bodies. These blocks stop vital life force energy from flowing freely which allows us to be free to follow our soul path and attract all that is good into our lives.

My Abundance Block Clearing coaching package helps you hone in on your self-limiting beliefs and identify what is holding you back.  I teach you how to stop fighting with yourself and rewire your thoughts to release your limiting beliefs and replace them with the energy of abundance.

When your abundance blocks disappear so do your self-sabotaging behaviors, negative thought patterns, and self-limiting beliefs leaving an open door for positive energy, mindset shifts, and beautiful abundance.


4 Personal Coaching Sessions over a two month period (approximately 1 hour each)

Personalized Energy Alignment Plan focusing on clearing your specific energy blocks.


“The greatest thing you can give yourself is freedom from what others think.” ~Abraham Hicks